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Our BAMS agents receive:

Upfront Bonuses

(Don't wait for months to build your residuals)

Vested Residuals

(Your earning stays with you and your family)

Backend Reporting Access

(No guessing about what you've really earned)

Peel Out Bonus

(Hit 10 activations and get the cash fast)

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More Benefits
Free use of our premier CRM
Proposal generator
Detailed residual reporting
Training and support
Agent Agreement Highlights
Exciting bonus programs
Vested residuals
Next of kin clause
Premier CRM and dialer at no cost
Auto approvals for many common SIC codes
Non exclusivity

Start Getting Paid On Time and Stop Missing Commissions

In my two years with BAMS, I've found that the total openess of the sales program is the best part. It's not just about the money. It's not just about the products. It's about working for a company that respects me as an individual and treats me fairly.

"Fairly". Not a word you usually hear in sales jobs, but I'll take it! They've earned my loyalty so far, and they seem genuinely committed to ensuring my success within the company.

-- Thomas H.
Account Manager

I've worked in sales for years, and so far this is the first company where I felt like I might stay longer than 18 months. My team has been great to learn and grow with, and the bonus structure is incredible. We have a silly company name with BAMS, but the company overall has been a great experience.

I love the reporting system and the sales tracking that they do. It's a small thing, but being able to see exactly what they're seeing when payday approaches is big for me. No surprises like I've had in the past.

-- Steve R.
Outside Sales

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